Summer 2017 !


From Tuesday 4th to 7th July: The lair of the Marmots!

Keywords: huts, architectures, lego, catapult, animals, …

From Tuesday 11th to 14th July: Small holes, big holes still small holes!

Keywords: DIY, holes in madness, gardening, troubadours, from points to points, hives, bees …

From Tuesday 18th to 21st July: Everyone’s track, everyone’s way!

Keywords: engraving, linocut, imprints, books, papers, stamps, traces, …

From Tuesday 24th to 28th July: it’s flowing!

Keywords: water, color, mills, perfumes, syrups, colors, …

From Tuesday 1st August to 4th August: Scroll, parade!

Keywords: masks, hats, shoes, costumes, threads and needles, marching band …

From Tuesday 8 August to 11 August: Patati, patatra, patatère!

Keywords: pasta to … bread, pizza, pie, modeler, salt, gnocchis, spices, … balance, clay, earth, sculpture in motion, head or not cap ….

From 14 August to 18 August: The games are done!

Keywords: games of the world, making games, treasure hunt, giant games, … ..kermesse, ….  

This program may be subject to weather changes!

Each week has a theme with different workshops for each day: videos, art, cooking, making cosmetics, sound recording (radio des marmots), land art, nature discovery, visitors and interviews